LiquidCulture Bohemian Rhapsody

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Recommended Styles: Bohemian Pilsner, Vienna Lager

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Lager and pilsner yeast

Fermentation: bottom

Temperature Range: 8 – 12°C

Attenuation: 73 – 77 %

Flocculation: high

Alcohol Tolerance: 12 % ABV

Strain Profile: One of our favourite cultures this yeast strain is the definition of reliable bottom fermentation. Always produces a typical Bohemian style

Recommended Styles: Bohemian Pilsner, Vienna Lager

Similar Strains: WYEAST 2124 Bohemian Lager, WLP830 German Lager Yeast, Saflager W-34/70

Brewery Used: Weihenstephan 34/70

For max 25 liter wort

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