Chateau Cara Terra

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Chateau Cara Terra

Belgian caramel malt with intense character. Germination at high temperature, followed by roasting in a drum.

This malt gives the beer a copper-brown hue. It brings intense flavors of caramel, toffee, and bread as well as notes of nuts. It contributes to a fuller body.

Usage: Suitable for beer styles such as Bohemian Lagers, Porter, Stout, but also Bock, Dark Lager, and others. Up to 15% of the mash bill.

Colour: EBC170 (64.3L) – 220 (83.1L)

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Chateau Cara Terra is a relatively new crystal malt. A medium-dark crystal malt, it aids in head retention and formation, as well as foam stability. Great for multiple “darker” beer styles, but also capable of providing a unique character for your more “golden” beers.

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