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Frequently Asked Questions

To save you time we've included some of our most common questions below...

If I send the brew house a recipe for a beer can they created the kit for me?

 Yes, granted we have the stock, but we always have great substitutions as well.

Does the brew house have card facilities?

 Yes we do.

Does the brew house sell distilling ingredients and equipment?

Yes we do.

Can I come to a brew class to learn how to make beer?

Yes we have brew classes once a month. It's fun relaxed and educational. Dates will be put on the website.

Does the brew house stock liquid yeast?

Due to liquid yeast sensitive nature we can source white labs on order.

What Our Clients Say

Schalk Burger

The service at The Brew House is always prompt and friendly with loads of knowledge and ideas. The inventory is also always stocked to the brim with loads to choose from and as fresh as possible.
- Schalk Burger

Dave Sutherland

I was very pleased to find The Brew House, a local homebrew supply shop.
They carry a lot of stock and their staff are always ready with advice and ideas to improve my home brew!
- Dave Sutherland

Jaco De Wet

I’ve been brewing for nearly a year now and I would like to thank The Brew House for all their assistance during this time. Very knowledgeable on the products and displays great passion for what they do, well stocked with a good variety of products. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.
- Jaco De Wet

MC Maree

Top notch service, advice and assistance always on point, professional approach. Always a pleasant experience dealing with. I can gladly recommend them to service your every brewing need.
- MC Maree

Charlie Jackson

Since finding out about The Brew House I don't have to search all over the country and order parts of an order from different places.
They will always source everything you need ,so it's a one stop shop. They will always get what you need if not in stock. Great with help when setting up equipment, making up recipes, helping with problems.
It's never a 5 minute shop. Bring a few of your own beers and taste some of The Brew House beers on tap.
Always a good experience when visiting.
- Charlie Jackson

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Get Your Craft Beer Supplies

For the best Home Craft Beer supplies, contact us today!
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